"The Coalition for Global Healing" is a visionary alliance whose collective aim is collaboration; in lifting the vibration of the planet. Through CoResonance we find ourselves as being linked together spiritually with the earth & its inhabitants.  
Interpretation of this as a personal mission has been strikingly awe-inspiring.  Ignited as a vision, an auspicious smile showed itself as being 'key'.  There was a moving to & from those whom were engaging over the phone & in communication with 'the whole world', reporting changes taking place globally in direct relationship to healing energy being sent. 
Healing & Blessings sent across the globe resources the potential to undo everything predisposed through the image of 'separation'.   Imposed through programming  & 'normalized', it is the forgetting of our True nature & realness of identity which is at stake.  
The Awakening of Humanity realizes that in itself, we are All One People united & that heaven-on-earth is our spiritual inheritance.   
In accord with tuning-in vibrationally & through intentional prayer, the love offered can only be returned exponentially.  Inviting inclusion suggests that anyone of us could reach into our pockets & find treasure: the amplified joY of creating connection further magnetizing miraculous life-altering circumstance.
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