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The Coalition for Global Healing is a visionary alliance whose collective aim is collaboration in lifting the vibration of the planet. Through co-resonance, we find ourselves being linked together spiritually with the Earth & its inhabitants.  
This mission ignited itself through a vision received in the summer of 2017.  Here, the term "rising up" means to ascend.  Taking it to mean "against" could bring on catastrophic consequences rather than the kind of perspective required for a dimensional shift, causing us to "miss" the opportunity inherent in the orchestration of being lifted together. 
Sending the healing and blessings across the globe has the potential to undo everything predisposed to materialize through the image of "separation" imposed through programming  and "normalized" action. It is the forgetting of our true nature and identity, which is at stake.  
The awakening of humanity realizes that, in itself, we are all One People united and heaven-on-earth is our spiritual inheritance.  In accord with tuning-in vibrationally & through intentional prayer, the love offered can only be returned exponentially.  Inviting all to be lifted suggests that any one of us can reach into our pockets and find treasure: the amplified joy of creating connection, magnetizing the miraculous.

~ Lydia LightningHorse
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