Join us in becoming an integral part of the Coalition For Global Healing.

We meet Sundays at 12noon at the Rivera Chapel located at 417 Rodeo Rd, in Santa Fe N.M.

Please enter through the side-door at the left.

In co-creating this alliance.. come be welcome & ready through shared discussion, to explore specific ideas for our intentional focus & overall blueprint in clarifying our mission.   Through our united vibration in becoming love & light.. feeling the state of connection & sense of Oneness, may our hearts unfurl as a smoke-signal: a virtual healing invitation of 'uplift & support' felt globally.  Our intentional purpose may include : energetically reaching individuals facing spiritual, mental, emotional, physical challenges whom feel they are 'alone'; areas of the world in need-of breakthroughs for Peace; identifiable populations or groups; individual requests for Healing or Blessings; political events stirring unrest; midwifing during calamity & earth changes; eruptive environmental disasters; Mother Earth herself & beyond.. 

Parallel combined efforts involve contacting groups aligned with similar purpose while differentiating ours, as there are many.




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