LightningHorse Healing & Massage 

Inspired years back by a friend having related that her 'Native name' had been received intuitively, I decided I would do the same: ask for a Spirit name. Fully expecting "Wolf" to drop-in as I sat for guidance, "LightningHorse" swiftly came-through instead. I immediately surmised surely the channel I was dialed into wasn't getting a clear signal.  A long moment later in astonishment I realized: that the name fit-well.  .. Its meaning of "Illumination & Freedom" remains a prayer to being open -to & lived-by those qualities.

    505-699-7796                           60minute session: $85                   90minute sessions: $110 


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               Lydia Safina                               Soul Sculptress


Engaging a uniquely responsive 'listening/sensing' style with over 30years experience, Lydia's intuitive style coaxes: body, emotions, mind & spirit into a relaxed state of calm awareness.


As all tension is eased, patterns release & repair &, your natural order again is "restored".  Illuminating & re- opening channels of positive energy provide for a shift in capacity: in knowing "wholeness" as your divine inheritance.  


Subtle-Energywork integrated with Massage together exponentially harmonize creating a unifying experience, re-establishing supreme wellness in all areas of life.  


Calling on high-frequency energies similar to those reached in meditation.. the healing effects continue, ushering your relationship to both heaven & earth becoming more readily attuned-to & realigned-with. 


Be supported in the sacred remembering of Presence.. , as it ignites itself throughout all potentials of its expression as & through yOU!  Beautifully reSourced by the one Light, be welcome in this expansive feeling of being fully home in yourself.



Private sessions are guided specifically by yOU, suiting individual journeys of deep beauty & discovery.  Contact now to schedule.  I am peacefully located in the hills of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  If you prefer .. we can work together long-distantly, by phone or video conferencing.

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