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                                                                     LightningHorse Healing  

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"'LightningHorse' was inspired years back, when a friend mentioned that her 'native name' had been received intuitively. I decided I would do the same: ask for a Spirit name. Fully expecting 'Wolf' to drop in as I sat for guidance, 'LightningHorse' swiftly came through instead. I immediately surmised, sure that the channel I was dialed into wasn't getting a clear signal.  A long moment later in astonishment I realized that the name fit well. Its meaning of 'Illumination & Freedom' remains a prayer to be open to & live into those qualities."

~ Lydia Safina, Soul Sculptress

Engaging in a uniquely responsive "listening/sensing" approach for over 30-years as a bodyworker, Lydia's intuitive style exponentially harmonizes to empower the re-establishing of supreme wellness, in all areas of life.  By integrating Subtle-Energy Work with Massage, patterns release & repair so your natural order is restored.  "Illuminated" channels of positive energy coax body, emotions, mind & spirit into a relaxed state of calm awareness. Holding and claiming the vibration of high-frequency energies provides for a shift in knowing "wholeness" as our divine inheritance.  

Virtual "distance healing" is especially in alignment during transitions requiring urgency, and is a profound way to enlist support--phone or video conferencing.  The reading for intuitive guidance is reviewed together once the energetic intervention is complete.  Lydia assists by remaining open as a conduit, and emotional states are cleared along with repeating loops of "limited thinking."


Being resourced in the remembering of presence ignites a potency of expression, welcoming an expansive feeling of being fully "at-home" within yourself. 


Sessions are journeys of deep beauty & discovery.  

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